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Say Goodbye to spreadsheets and manual processes with a premium software for end-to end traceability.

Say hello to your complete agency software suite for widespread reach, impact, and scalability.

Say Goodbye to untracked team communications, email bloat, and cumbersome spreadsheets.

Say hello to your complete agency software suite for sharing the best content consistently, strategically, and reliably.

Say Goodbye to your Spreadsheets & Frankenstein Agency Solutions

Streamline your digital asset management with Amplified, a complete agency software suite for higher reach and meaningful engagement.

Amplified is made for agencies that want to manage activities for multiple clients and do it at scale. We help you plan, organize, distribute, and transfer assets efficiently and effortlessly throughout the entire asset lifecycle while motivating teams for continued performance.
Learn How to Amplify Your:
Scale your agency without increasing operational costs
Optimize your workflows and enhance your service offerings without increasing operational costs.
Change the Game. Amplify Your Team.
Increase your digital capabilities, save time on creative production, and focus on growing your agency.
Know your client and create engaging smart content – consistently
Empower creatives to focus on producing captivating content and less on manual tasks. Work less, achieve more.

Agency Management
Predict and analyse your agency’s trends and success rate.

Team training
Elevate, enhance and incentivise your team’s skillset daily.

Content creation
Create smart content leveraging in real time.

Publish content seamlessly with no duplication of effort.
Empower creatives to focus on high-level ideas & less on manual tasks
Maximize team efficiency with our proprietary AI engine. Enable teams to effortlessly manage, schedule, and post for clients on social media and make your creative and marketing budget more efficient and intentional.

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Easily onboard & retain more clients
Manage client content on social media. Get live feedback, gauge reactions, and respond dynamically. Cut down on back-and-forth time and cut out any potential for miscommunication. Greatly improve your service response and your customers’ experience.

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Amplify your agency’s branding and marketing reach
With your own personalized URL and white label platform, you can securely share work and collaborate with clients without worrying about the competition or your IP being used without your knowledge and consent.

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Keep your finger on the pulse of your marketing campaigns
Keep track of deliverables and deadlines, improve collaborative editing, and get notifications when clients are editing content too much. Predict customer churn based on communication data and satisfaction.

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Content creation
Get recommendations on ideal keywords in terms of relevance, information, and length. Find relevant images to add value to content and people’s experiences. Create truly impactful content while making it search-friendly.

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Post Scheduling
Schedule and publish posts, videos, and images across multiple social platforms. Optimize your posting schedule to reach your clients’ target audiences when they are active the most. Bulk plan for a month of scheduling to maximize your posting efficiency.

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Approval System
Enable account managers and clients to collaborate while scheduling content. Alerts on feedback requests and changes so that your agency and your client teams take ownership of projects together.

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Track your social presence, see how posts are doing in terms of interaction and how much traction they are getting. Get actionable insights from social data to improve performance and drive positive results for customers.

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